Out of the ordinary ocean transport

Lauritzen Kosan A/S is a global provider of safe and reliable ocean transport solutions of liquefied petrochemical gases.

From water bottles to automobile bumpers, a huge range of visible everyday items start out as highly refined and completely invisible commodities carried by Lauritzen Kosan. But as common as they are, the petrochemical gasses from which many plastics originate are unusually demanding to carry. Specialised skills and technologically advanced ships are needed for the job. Lauritzen Kosan has both.


Safe sailing. Flexible operations

Safeguarding our crews, the environment, our vessels and the cargo carried onboard is imperative for us. With a strict focus on safety and environmental standards as well as client requirements, our commercial staff, in-house technical teams and gas tech specialists work closely together ensuring flexible transport solutions, customised to meet our customers' specific requirements.

We are accountable in everything we do and committed to our customers' success. Therefore, arriving on time has our highest priority and we have the organisation and ressources to handle and adjust to the unexpected and find solutions to problems that may occur.

Making waves for more than a century

Lauritzen Kosan A/S is owned by J. Lauritzen A/S, which has been part of the maritime trade worldwide for more than 135 years. J. Lauritzen is owned by the Lauritzen Foundation – a commercial foundation with an explicit charitable purpose, supporting shipping, culture, social humanitarian work and education. The specialised gas activity became part of J. Lauritzen in 1989 through the acquisition of the 1944-founded gas carrier pioneer, Kosan Tankers.

Our heritage is a testament to our ability and willingness to transform and listen to markets. Having worked with some of the world’s largest and most demanding companies in the energy and petrochemical sector for many years, we have acquired the know-how and expertise to offer the best ocean transport solutions to our customers.



Thomas Wøidemann
CEO, Management, Lauritzen Kosan

Direct tel.: +45 3396 8220

Mobile: +45 2443 3541


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Jacob Winthereik
CFO, Management, Lauritzen Kosan

Direct tel.: +45 3396 8384

Mobile: +45 2184 3906


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Head of People & Quality

Karsten Gauger
Head of People & Quality, Management, Lauritzen Kosan

Direct tel.: +45 3396 8063

Mobile: +45 5135 7885


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