Polar ship exhibition at Danish National Maritime Museum

Aug 26 2021

Denmark's National Maritime Museum, Museet for Søfart, will soon hold an exhibition called "I Love Nella Dan", celebrating J. Lauritzen's former polar vessel Nella Dan and adventures of the vessel and her crew in Greenland and Antarctica.

The 'Friends of Nella Dan' association are the driving force behind the exhibition, which is also supported by the Lauritzen Foundation. They are passionate about Nella Dan and her 27-year history when she served as a supply, expedition and research vessel for Danish interests in North-East Greenland and Australian interests in the Antarctic.

Compared to 'migratory birds', J. Lauritzen's polar fleet: Kista Dan, Magga Dan, Thala Dan and Nella Dan travelled back and forth between the Arctic and the Antarctic between 1953 to 1987. They were involved in ice reconnaissance, environmental research and marine biology studies, as well as monitoring sea mammal populations and more. 

The exhibition will run from 7 October 2021 to 18 April 2022 at Museet for Søfart in Helsingør, Denmark: (information in Danish).

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