"Technological intuition" - a new mindset for adapting to change? 

Nov 19 2019
A photo of Märtha Rehnberg speaking

Can we predict the technology that will disrupt the shipping industry? How can we change our mindset to be ready for the ever-increasing speed of technological change? 

As part of celebrations to mark 30 years of Lauritzen Kosan, CEO Thomas Wøidemann invited clients and customers to J. Lauritzen's Copenhagen HQ for an event to explore our response to change in the shipping industry.

Märtha Rehnberg from consultancy DareDisrupt is a critical thinker on disruptive technology and a published expert on 3D printing and kindly agreed to speak at the event. Märtha introduced the concept of "technological intuition" as a new mindset that she believes we should develop in order to be able to embrace and adapt to the ever-increasing speed of technological change. 

Find out more in our latest video (below). Thanks to Märtha Rehnberg, DareDisrupt and Carsten Lundager for the footage.

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