Travel letter from Fayard

Apr 5 2016

Name: Jelena Dorogusa
Age: 26
Position: Assistant Purchaser, Lauritzen Kosan
Background: Bachelor’s Degree in International Sales and Marketing Management from Copenhagen Business Academy; Diploma in Transport and Logistic from Riga State Technical College. Joined J. Lauritzen in 2015.

Dear reader,

I want to take the opportunity to share with you my experiences of visiting our vessel Tenna Kosan during her dry docking at Fayard outside Odense, Denmark. 

Being fairly new to the shipping industry, I am taking any given opportunity to extend my knowledge and get an insight of the industry. Tenna Kosan’s dry docking was a perfect opportunity for me to combine my theoretical knowledge with a real, practical experience.

During my visit, I met the crew and talked face-to-face with the people I had been in daily contact with ever since I have started my journey in Lauritzen Kosan. Being a purchase assistant, I am constantly involved in ordering spare parts based on the product specifications sent from the vessel.

While on board, the Captain really took his time and gave me a tour around the vessel. He explained in detail the different functions of the machinery and how they are connected with each other. Standing there and actually seeing all these spare parts, made me look at my daily tasks from a different perspective. Not only was I able to see where the different spare parts are located, but also understand what the actual consequences of a wrong spare part delivery are.

I explored every possible space on the vessel under the supervision of the Captain.  I looked into the engine room, climbed into the ballast water tanks, and uplifted my knowledge on mooring ropes, safety equipment, and different types of generators on board. I even had some practical experiences in painting and removing rust from the vessel.

The most exciting part of my experience was climbing into the cargo tank. Due to the dry docking, it was completely gas free, and therefore safe. Looking back, I would probably call it an experience of a life time. Standing there at the very bottom of the tank, I could not help thinking how complicated and interconnected the whole construction of the vessel is.  

I think that this interconnection can be transferred to J. Lauritzen as a whole. The employees ashore together with the crews at sea, combine their knowledge daily to move the company towards its goals.

I would like to thank the crew of Tenna Kosan for giving me such a great experience, and for the opportunity to expand my technical knowledge.


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